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Announcing public access to CAIDA’s platform for Measurement and Analysis of Interdomain Congestion (MANIC)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 by Roderick Fanou

Presented at our 10th AIMS Workshop earlier this year, the MANIC project resulted in a prototype system to monitor interdomain links and their congestion state to support inference of persistent interdomain congestion. We announce the release of web and API-based methods to access the data. MANIC provides both a graphical user interface for conducting queries and visualizing results and programmatic access to the measurements via a queryable API. We used this MANIC infrastructure and data in our recent publication of “Inferring Persistent Interdomain Congestion”, which won the best paper award at ACM SIGCOMM 2018.

                                                       MANIC dashboard screenshot examples.

Excerpted from the paper:

“(4) We are publicly releasing our analysis scripts, and the underlying datasets via an interactive visualization interface and query API to encourage reproducibility of our results. Our data management system, based on the InfluxDB time-series database and Grafana visualization front-end, allows interactive data exploration, near real-time views of interdomain links, and longitudinal views. While this paper focuses on data from U.S. broadband access providers, we are publicly releasing measurements from VPs outside the U.S. as well.”

For access to the MANIC dashboard, or questions about the publicly accessible API, please contact (It is a beta prototype, in progress!)


Support for this work is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grants NSF CNS-1414177, NSF OAC-1724853, NSF CNS-1513283, and Department of Homeland Security S&T HHSP 233201600012C and FA8750-18-2-0049.