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two recent workshop reports

Friday, July 27th, 2012 by kc

This month CCR published final reports from two our of workshops: our BGP/traceroute workshop last July 2011 (final report here or here) and AIMS-4 last February (final report here or here).

CAIDA’s Annual Report for 2011

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 by kc

[Executive Summary from our annual report for 2011.]

This annual report covers CAIDA’s activities in 2011, summarizing highlights from our research, infrastructure, data-sharing and outreach activities. Our current research projects span topology, routing, traffic, economics, future Internet architectures, and policy. Our infrastructure activities continue to support measurement-based studies of the Internet’s core infrastructure, with focus on the health and integrity of the global Internet’s topology, routing, addressing, and naming systems. We are also dedicating resources to support the infrastructure measurement and data sharing interests and needs of two U.S. federal agency programs: the National Science Foundation’s International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Protected Repository of Data on Internet CyberThreats (PREDICT) data-sharing project.