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AS Rank (updated!)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 by Bradley Huffaker

CAIDA welcomes the new year with an update to one of our flagship services, As part of our new NSF project “DIBBs: Integrated Platform for Applied Network Data Analysis (PANDA)” we will offer researchers more accessible calibrated user-friendly tools for collecting, analyzing, querying, and interpreting measurements of the Internet ecosystem. Our razing and redesign of the AS Rank v1 service represents the beginning of efforts to build toward this new platform. For this update we did a complete redesign with entirely new backend database (redis), web application framework (Symfony), and front-end web development environment (Bootstrap 4). The redesigned service focuses on optimizing query efficiency to serve a larger user population (We would like to have the capability to support concurrent queries from 30+ students in a classroom.) It also focuses on getting the data to researchers in a useful format (JSON) via a new programmatic interface to the AS Rank data. To see the details, check out the new RESTFUL API documentation at September 2019 Update: AS Rank version 2 no longer uses the RESTFUL API.

Those who remember the old service may know the performance challenges we experienced and so understand the need to start fresh. The decision to start from scratch means that we will need to reimplement quite a number of features to get back to the full functionality provided by the previous server. We plan to expand its features over the coming months. Please send your ideas for features you would find especially useful to

New and improved AS Rank.