CAIDA Resource Catalog

October 27th, 2020 by Bradley Huffaker

One of CAIDA’s primary missions has been to improve our understanding of the Internet infrastructure, through data-driven science. To this end, CAIDA has collected and maintains one of the largest collections of Internet-related data sets in the world, and developed tools and services to curate and process that data. Along with this success has come the challenge of helping new students and researchers to find and use that rich archive of resources.

As part of our NSF-funded DIBBS project, CAIDA has developed a rich context resource catalog, served at The goal of the catalog is to help both newcomers and experienced users with data discovery, and reducing the time between finding the data and extracting knowledge and insights from it.

In addition to linking datasets to related papers and presentations, the catalog will also link to code snippets, user-provided notes, and recipes for performing commons analytical tasks with the data.

The catalog can be found at:

Please explore and provide feedback!

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