CAIDA participation in IPv6 day

June 5th, 2011 by kc

On June 8 2011 a group of content providers, including Google, Yahoo and Facebook, are going to dual-stack their content, in an event called World IPv6 Day. This trial will enable content providers to gain experience with increased levels of IPv6 traffic and gauge the extent and effect of broken dual-stack end-users. CAIDA is cooperating with RIPE NCC’s measurements on this day, providing a dozen Ark monitors to increase the number of vantage points from which RIPE will actively test a set of dual-stacked websites for levels of IPv6 support: existence of AAAA records; ping/ping6 response; traceroute/traceroute6; and HTTP reachability.

CAIDA will also continue to analyze traffic observations at the two OC-192 commercial backbone links, including samples during World IPv6 Day, and periodic samples (starting at midnight UTC on 8 June 2011) thereafter as disk space permits. We hope to analyze Internet2 IPv6 flow traffic statistics as they become available.

We are already collecting continous IPv4 and IPv6 Internet topology measurements using the Ark infrastructure, which we will use to provide as comprehensive a view as we can of the IPv6 topology from core to edge, including statistical differences in structure and evolution. We are working with Rob Beverly to design measurement primitives for adaptive and intelligent probing, crucial to the efficiency needed for IPv6-scale topology measurement.

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