CAIDA releases the August 2015 Internet Topology Data Kit (ITDK 2015-08)

November 6th, 2015 by Josh Polterock

Nothing feels better than publishing fresh data for the research community, especially when fresh brings new features. Today, CAIDA released the August 2015 version of our popular Internet Topology Data Kit (ITDK) that includes topologies for both IPv4 and IPv6. CAIDA’s ITDK provides researchers with data that describes connectivity and routing observations gathered from a large cross-section of the global Internet. This dataset enables the study of the topology of the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet at the router-level with inferences for assignments of routers to Autonomous Systems (AS). The August 2015 release of the ITDK includes two related IPv4 router-level topologies; an IPv6 router-level topology; assignments of routers to ASes; geographic locations of each router; and Domain Name Service (DNS) lookups of all observed IP addresses.

We produce the ITDKs from active measurements conducted on our Archipelago (Ark) measurement infrastructure. This release made use of 94 Ark monitors located in 36 countries to produce the IPv4 topologies and 26 monitors located in 15 countries for the IPv6 topology.

CAIDA restricts access to recent ITDKs less than two years old. CAIDA provides unrestricted public access to ITDKs older than two years.

For complete details about the ITDK collection process, data files and formats, data availability, and more, please see Macroscopic Internet Topology Data Kit (ITDK).

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