john markoff, don’t do that

September 2nd, 2008 by kc


geez, when you asked whether non-u.s. countries are building infrastructure to ‘go around’ the united states, i did not respond with “But economics also plays a role.” the words you put right before my name in your article. What I said to you is that all the folks I know building network infrastructure outside the United States are doing it for economic reasons, per steve gibbard’s article on “smart growth”, and because one thing we know about network economics is that anyone who can afford to build their own infrastructure, does (which i also pointed you to). And specifically not because they are trying to avoid U.S. surveillance. The idea of U.S. hegemony over data flow is silly — if the CIA is depending on it, we are doomed. Do you always insert sinister undertones even when simple economics explains the data?


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